July 12, 2016

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Mary Weber Edition

I've been waiting until all three books were out before starting the Storm Siren trilogy. And I'm so glad I waited because HELLO cliffhangers! After reading rave review after rave review, I had been very curious what I was going to think of the stories. I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed them! And for the record, the covers for each book are gorgeous. I love the colors and how Nym is depicted at crucial moments on her adventures. I'd want them on my shelf for the covers alone! (Also, does anyone know how to actually pronounce Eogan's name?)

On to the reviews...

Storm Siren
Well now! This was quite the beginning! There were so many twists and turns that I was so not expecting. At all! And Nym...what do I say about her? She's strong, much stronger than she knows, and is alive for a purpose, she just has to discover it. The hurt and pain of her past has made her understandably cautious of everyone. Yet there are a couple people who get past her defenses and become friendly with her, even as she tries not to let them. I loved Colin especially! This world Ms. Weber's created is slightly confusing, but as I just accepted everything at face value, I had no trouble keeping up with the plot. Some parts were a bit slow, some characters frustrated me, but overall I really enjoyed the ride! But that cliffhanger... Not nice, Ms. Weber! I'm just glad I could immediately dive into book two!

Much more tension-filled as the stakes have risen considerably! So much of book one had to be setup that the risk in what was really going on felt a bit sidelined. Not so in book two! Nym makes some hard choices and not all of them are good ones. I confess to missing certain characters from book one a great deal, but spending more time with Princess Rasha made up for it. I'm so glad Nym has such a good friend, as most of the rest of her life is crazy and hard. There were bits that still frustrated me, definite times that I wanted to scream at Nym for her choices, but the overall fun of the story kept me reading. And I was SO, so happy at what happened at the end. It was about time! Still, Ms. Weber's use of cliffhangers is alive and well, so I was pleased to have book three waiting! :)

Siren's Song
What an ending! Things started happening fast and I had to hang on for the ride. And what a fun ride it was! It was so good to see Nym and Eogan together and happy (of sorts), but seriously you two. Would it kill you to just communicate?! The way they still withheld secrets from one another really frustrated me. Sadly it was those moments that the insta-love that was involved in their romance kind of reared its head for me. Nevertheless, once they finally started talking, I warmed up to them again. Once again, Ms. Weber threw all sorts of twists I wasn't prepared for! I am amazed at how she had so many things going on, all the epic battle scenes, and yet was able to keep me from getting confused. I loved that Nym got some closure for her past! That made me so, so happy. I surprised myself with how happy I was that a certain character turned out to a good guy as well! I hadn't liked him in book one at all, but he started growing on me very slowly and I ended up glad that he made the choices he did. (Plus I now wish there would be a spinoff story, even if only a novella, about he and a certain someone else! I can dream, can't I? :) This is a wonderful ending to the series, with enough closure to make me happy, yet enough open-endedness to let me imagine where they go in the future. Which is just as I like it!

**I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


  1. These books are indeed great! They're so unique and clever. Mary did a splendid job with them. Excited to discover more about her next series.

    1. Rissi: She really did! This series is very unique and I'm looking forward to what she writes next myself. :)


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