July 29, 2016

"...one big swoosh of a feeling."

:: devouring so many good stories :: 
:: the falling rain which brings fresh air and comfort :: 
:: hugs coming just at the perfect time :: 
:: unexpected text messages from far away friends :: 
:: convos with friends who understand your unknowns :: 
:: beautiful sunrises on the drive into work :: 
:: being told I'd helped someone feel better ::
:: anticipating time with friends I haven't seen in years ::
:: planning mini roadtrips for the near future ::
:: the quiet of the library ::
:: finding words ::
:: actual convos with authors ::
:: how the quiet of a friend can feel like a hug ::
:: seeing so many reminders of mom that just make me smile ::
:: coworkers who unexpectedly bring doughnuts ::
:: understanding that life is more, much more than just this one single moment ::
:: learning to exhale the yuck and focus on the good ::
:: discovering new favorite songs ::
:: the joy of hearing good news for a friend ::
:: knowing someone else makes you a priority in their life ::
:: fresh, ice cold water to drink on a hot summer day ::
:: finding brave again ::
:: realizing you're not the only one struggling with something big ::
:: finally reading a certain book and falling in love instantly with its characters ::
:: feeling wanderlust when chatting about a friend's big new adventure ::
:: eating a meal with people you realize are incredibly important to your life ::
:: getting the chance to live life every day, even in the hard ::


  1. So many good things listed here. Love this post! Have a lovely weekend, Kara! :)

    1. Thanks, Miranda! Hope you're having a lovely weekend yourself. :)

  2. Lying in the sun by my pool with a good book.
    Spending a morning baking cookies and talking on the phone with my mom
    Sorry, I had to add to the list. I love trying to focus on the good things. When I focus on the bad life sucks!
    Great list!

    1. Jenny: Pool + good book = happiness indeed! And fresh baked cookies too? Yum!

      No need to apologize! Add away. Happy things are always happier when shared. And I know just what you mean. I have to consciously focus on the good rather than the bad some days. I'm glad you have happy things in your life too! :)

  3. Awesome list Kara! I just stumbled across your blog and it's beautiful!!!!! I love your blog!!! Following you! :)

    1. Rachel: Thank you so much! Your blogs look like fun as well. Thank you for visiting. And for the follow! :)


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