June 23, 2019

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Forty-Four

Hello again! It's Sunday and I am here to chat about a couple non-fiction reads I read recently-ish. But first, I hope all is going well for you? I am hoping to get some fun posts up soon about all the awesome bookshops I found in Thailand! I figured that was worthy of showcasing around these parts. :) I wanted to get my reviews caught up before doing so, but I hope you will anticipate all the fun adventures I want to share about soon! So hang in there for more reviews and we shall get there! Promise. :)


Looming Transitions 
by Amy Young
After all my adventures overseas, I knew in preparing to go home again, it might just be helpful to get some advice from someone who's been there. This was a very practically-written book filled with good info and suggestions for hanging in there when things are hard. Because let's face it, transition and change are NOT easy things to go through. (Totally worth doing, but not easy!) I appreciated Ms. Young's relatable way of writing. So all in all, I'd say this was perfect for what I needed at the time. :)


Why I Hate Green Beans 
by Lincee Ray
This one I read purely to get a good laugh in and goodness did that ever work! I howled, friends. Literally howled with laughter! To the point that my dear father, who was in the other room, began to wonder if I was going crazy. :D Ms. Ray certainly has quite a hilarious and fun outlook on life! She's also not had an easy time of it always, but I appreciated her ability to see humor in even the toughest places. If you simply need a little pick me up with a giant laugh or two, give this one a try! Meanwhile, I believe I shall see if I can't get her second book, I could use another laugh or two. :)

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