June 8, 2019

Review: The Pages of Her life by James L. Rubart

Well now! This story was unexpected and so much more than I'd imagined beforehand. I confess that I haven't read much of Mr. Rubart's writing before this, but the synopsis intrigued me and other reader friends have loved his stories. So I dived in and found a whole lot more than I thought I would! In a really good way. Oh, this isn't a perfect story. There were a few bits that I skimmed through, but overall? Just wow.

First of all, I really like the sort of imagination that Mr. Rubart clearly has! :) Such a fantastically incredible story clearly comes from a mind whirling with insight and creativity. Even if the situations that are described within these chapters aren't true reality, can any one of us say that God can't really work this way? I mean, He's God! He can do anything and use any person or any situation in any way He chooses. He's all about story and words of truth, so it wasn't too difficult for me to fall into the fantastical bits of this story as if they were real. I was swept up in Allison's journey from start to finish, enjoying every step or misstep along the way.

Which brings me to Allison herself. She's a character that I could relate to because her uncertainty and fear spoke to my own battles with the same. And watching as she slowly begins to understand herself and how God sees her was a delight to witness. We get so much time in her head and her heart, and y'all know how much I love introspective and character-driven stories. Allison's progress isn't a page-turner, but a quiet and meaningful journey worthy of a reader willing to stick with her for the long haul.

Imaginative, fantastical, quiet, yet powerful, this is a story worth checking out. The emotions and truth-seeking resonated so well with my heart. With this first full foray into Mr. Rubart's writing, I am certainly intrigued to seek out more!

**I received a copy via Netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

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