December 17, 2012

On The Floor

On my floor are my favorite pair of slippers (so warm!) right by my stack of cookbooks and crafty books. A great combo, wouldn't you say? Slippers and recipes should make you happy. :D Well they do me because I spent all yesterday afternoon wearing my comfy slippers while baking lots of cookies! And trust me, my taste buds are still tingling with joy and my feet appreciated the warmth tremendously. So here's to comfort! May your day be brimming with loads of happiness and warm fuzzies! :D

December Photo A Day Challenge: Everyday people all around the world look at the list, and take a photo according to the date. So on the 1st of December we’ll take a photo at 8 o’clock {am or pm, doesn’t matter}. So whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes 8 – take a photo. And then share it. Then upload it to Facebook {your own page, or my Facebook page}, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, Tumblr – where ever you please. If you’re sharing to Instagram or Twitter – use the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. That does look pretty comfy! today I had to wear heels - they like an inch and a half tops - but they hurt mah feet so much!!

    I love the color =)

    1. I love the color too. And I am a huge fan of comfy slippers! Not too many years ago, I would have never worn slippers. "Those are for old people!" I have since changed my tune and my feet are very thankful. :D


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