December 11, 2012

Secret Santa Exchange

{Yes, I do realize that it's still the beginning of December and Christmas isn't here yet. But I couldn't wait until Christmas! I'm just not that patient!}

{Also, be warned. There is much gushing and word vomit ahead.}

I participated in a Secret Santa Exchange this year (obviously) and got my gift today in the mail. When I opened the mailbox and saw my name on the package, I was quite excited. This lovely little envelope that was obviously full of good stuff was sitting there, just tempting me to open it up. I did of course. And I wanted to share my treasures with you! (Or more like show you the pictures of my treasures.)

In a funny (but awesome!) coincidence, it turned out that my Secret Santa was Suey of It's All About Books. I say funny because she's the one who told me about the Exchange in the first place. (I really like her blog, she does wonderful reviews. You should click over and check it out.) She posted back in November that she was going to participate in this and I thought, "That sounds like fun. I think I'll try it!" And it turns out that she ended up with my name. But I'm not complaining. Nosiree! Not in the least. She was an awesome Santa for me. I'm absolutely thrilled with everything she sent. A marvelous job, Suey. Completely marvelous! :)

Now onward to the photos:

First, here's everything all together. I totally meant to get a before picture, but was so excited that I'd ripped up the wrapping paper before I remembered. (You can see parts of it sticking out of the envelope down toward the bottom of the picture.) Ah well. Can you believe all that fit into that little white padded envelope? It was well packed. :)

The book she sent is Enthusiasm (my mini review) by Polly Shulman. I love this book! And the cover is so fun. I originally borrowed it from the library and had to give it back no matter how much I wanted to keep it. I do have it on my Kindle now, but I've really, really been wanting the actual book to hold in my hands. (Yes, I'm one of those people that has multiple copies of a book so I can read it anywhere. My Kindle version is wonderful when I'm away from home, and this one will be wonderful when I'm laying in bed wanting something cute and fluffy to read.) So I am beyond thrilled with this!! :D  The other is a journal. I love journals. I don't write all the time, but occasionally I need to get my thoughts down on paper, and when I get inspired I need a spot to write my poetry before it disappears from my brain. I love the daisies on the front. It looks so bright and cheerful. Can't wait to fill it up. :)

Next is three cute bookmarks. I can always use more of those as I constantly lose the current one I'm using. I'm sure they're all here at home somewhere, but when I'm getting ready to put a book aside for a bit, of course I can never find one. So these are great. And they're yellow to boot! My favorite color. :) There is also a Christmas chapstick, which is cute. And chocolate! Something called a Utah Truffle. Never had it before, but you can never go wrong with chocolate! :D

Lastly, is the homemade card she sent with a sweet note inside. Also a giftcard to Amazon! That will absolutely be used and probably very soon too. It will be perfect for downloading a new book to read on the airplane as I fly home for Christmas. Now I just have to narrow down exactly what book I want. What fun! :)

Well,  that's it. All I can say is "Wow!". Suey did an excellent job and I love it all. It was so much fun to open my first Christmas present this year. It made my Monday a whole lot happier and made me a whole lot smilier! :D So thank you Suey! Words can't express my gratitude for doing such a wonderful job as my Secret Santa. I hope the gift you receive is just as wonderful. :)

And I hope all my blog readers are having a glorious Christmas season so far. If you had to make a list of books you'd like for Christmas, what would be on your number one spot?

Toodle-loo kangaroos! Merry Christmas! :)


  1. Looks like a great surprise and fun Christmas mail!


    1. It was! I know I should have waited at least a few more days. But I just couldn't. And I can now say that those truffles are awesome! :)


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