December 3, 2012

Something You Held (Meet Cody!)

So today's challenge is something you held. Meet Cody! He's my roommate's dog and fun to hold when he allows you too. :) If he wants to play, there's no keeping him on your lap. But if he's tired, he'll let you cuddle with him all you want. I had forgotten how much I loved dogs until she brought him home last summer. Now I miss him if he's not here. In short, I think he's adorable, and I'm pretty sure he knows that he's got me wrapped around his paw. :D

December Photo A Day Challenge: Everyday people all around the world look at the list, and take a photo according to the date. So on the 1st of December we’ll take a photo at 8 o’clock {am or pm, doesn’t matter}. So whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes 8 – take a photo. And then share it. Then upload it to Facebook {your own page, or my Facebook page}, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, Tumblr – where ever you please. If you’re sharing to Instagram or Twitter – use the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.

 Toodle-loo kangaroos! I'm off to a Christmas party. Hope your Monday went well. :)


  1. That dog is so precious!!!
    I don't think I could live without canine companionship, they are just awesome :D

    1. Isn't he? :) Dogs are totally awesome! I don't think I could live without one around either. They make wonderful companions and they love you no matter what!


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